Frocks, Frivolity, Boys vs Girls

I have worn heels more in the past few weeks then I have in the past few years! I know most ladies will take any opportunity to frock up, but I am more your thongs & shorts sort of girl, so having to rock out for a Melbourne Cup lunch, and the Sunshine Coast Business Awards was interesting to say the least LOL! In actual fact, I rarely go anywhere that is not a family or friends 'do', never do the 'networking' thing, and the closest I get to meeting any strangers is sitting next to them and having a chat on the odd occasion when I go to the theatre to see a new play. I know, real exciting people we are, thank God Leone 'has a life' or we would have nothing to talk about in the office...

Both functions were very enjoyable, but don't you love it how even as adults, we females in particular, never
really change much from teenagers when it comes to a social occasion? I mean, you would have to be Mother Theresa not to comment on what others are wearing, whether it is appropriate or not, do the shoes & handbag match, the list goes on... Most people would consider me a pretty serious person, I am not terribly girly, don't get my jollies out of shoe shopping or the like, yet having said that, even I found myself having a terribly in-depth conversation at the table with someone I had just met, really enjoying the conversation, yet that little portion of your 'girly' brain is still there to tap you on the shoulder when you see a particular hat go by, of course not pausing in the conversation you are having, just filing away your 'hat' thoughts for a later time.... Read the rest of this article...

Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas for that special lady
1 hour Massage to your requirements, fabulous Pelactiv Mini Facial, Detox Infrared Sauna for tired muscles, eczema, arthritis & much more (includes shower). (Sauna can be changed for longer massage or hot stone massage... Read More

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GQ Holidays
Here at GQ Holidays our letting accommodation is sourced with you the customer in mind. Our Mooloolaba based team are locals! We live, work and play right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast on The Esplanade Mooloolaba and... read more

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First Aid & WHS Business for SALE...
Start the New Year with your own Mobile Business! Friendly Proprietor looking for a Lucky person to Enjoy this Unique business opportunity. Welcome to working your own hours.... No premises rental fees, long-term clients & not... Read More

Property for Auction:

06 Dec - Deepwater-Exclusive Lifestyle and Investment Opportunity
Property Open for Inspection
29 Nov - Great Size, Great Design, Noosa Waters

Integrated Transport Planner / Traffic Engineer -The Sunshine Coast is growing!
As an experienced Traffic Engineer / Transport Planner, you will work as a senior member of this specialised team to be responsible for analysing, planning and the concept... Read More

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Blood Brothers
noosa arts theatre are putting on the extraordinary show, "Blood Brothers" this month and we have 2 tickets to the
Friday night performance on 21 November for one Lucky Coast News member. To get your name into the hat Enter Now

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BMW BollywoodBall
Date: Saturday 22nd November 2008
Location: Coastline BMW, Currimundi

Enjoy an India-inspired evening in support of
Maggie's DreamCatcher as we try to raise more funds for the Dharamasala Hospital Project...  Read More

More Sunshine Coast Events:

Opening of theCooroora Trail
If you love the great outdoors be among the first to bike, walk or ride your horse along
the new Cooroora Trail when it opens to the public on Sunday 30 November. The Cooroora Trail Opening starts with a free bbq... Read More

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