cultural considerations...

Put your hand up if you are Australian? Put your hand up in your are 'born' in Australia? Put your hand up if you were 'not born' in Australia, but are an Australian citizen? Would love to see the amount of hands that just went straight back down to the sides... I know I am going to sound pretty feral here, but recent media articles from the Maori Embassy at Doonan, to the drop-kick cleric who subscribes to the theory that violence against women is ok, though of course I am sure we most likely took his words (on video) all out of context, as we normally do (yes you did catch the dripping sarcasm there)...

The Editorial is a bit of a 'Novel' this issue, though please persevere if you can :)

I actually found the Maori Embassy one pretty funny, until I read a lot of comments on the blogs, then I got concerned. I know I will peeve a lot of Kiwis here, but hello?, how many of you guys live in this country for decades and never become Australians? To make matters worse, (my husband is going to ban me from reading news blogs soon), if I saw one more comment that started with "It is better back in New Zealand...." I was about to scream. Obviously a lot of other people on the blogs felt the same as me judging by the disparaging anti-kiwi comments. Now what is sad about all this is that we are supposed to be a multi-cultural society, but I have to admit, I am starting to feel like a minority in my own country?

Now, I am not trying to do a Pauline Hanson here, but, consider this... As a boring old white Australian who has been here... Read the rest of this article...

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