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Politicians absolutely fascinate me!  Yes, I realise I seriously need to 'get a life!' LOL!  I am sure that many of them are extremely caring people, who really are putting their hand up for the job because they feel they have a civic duty, but gee, some of them, I really wonder?  They tell us so earnestly how much they 'care' about their community, how hard they will work for us, basically, 'They will be there to REPRESENT us'!  Well, that is what we get election time, after that... 

I think that in a Democracy, majority is supposed to rule?  IE If a majority of your electorate are concerned about a particular issue, then it is your 'responsibility' as their elected representative to do just that, represent them!  Unfortunately for some reason, it seems to be that party politics are more important, and this is where I get concerned, I don't remember voting in the faceless people in Grey Suits who run these parties?  So why should what they decide be more important then the electorate?  In an ideal world wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have political parties?  I mean if it really was a true democracy where every elected representative had an even vote, if all these people truly did 'care' about their civic duty then surely they could be grown up enough to work together, vote in leaders from who they think are worthy of higher positions, working as a unit to further the interests of the whole country, state or region etc...  I know I am dreaming, it would be more like the Roman Senate with the biggest ego's getting out the biggest knives LOL!  It is a pleasant... Read the rest of this article...

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