BULLYING?  PC Experts vs Old Fashioned Values

All the so-called 'experts' have again come out of the woodwork with their words of wisdom on 'bullying'.  Now, don't get me wrong I am not belittling that it is a serious issue, but the 'experts' drive me insane.  Half of them don't even have kids, are just over-educated 'child education' specialists, or they are men over the age of 50 who probably never had any day to day interaction with their own kids as they were too busy 'learning' about them.

All sorts of reasons (or in a lot of the case, blame) is bandied around, everything from violent video games to incompetent teaching...  As a boring old uneducated 'mum', I have my theory as well, and I think the biggest problem is kids being so damn 'Precious' and the 'Political Correctness' in education and parents themselves.

If you believe the 'experts' and their advice on the likes of 'red pens' hurting self-esteem,
'reasoning' with kids (yeah right!  try that with a 3 year old), and all the other psycho-babel, there must be a humungous percentage of our population now that are just so scarred and getting therapy.

When I was at school, I remember a kid in grade one pulling a girls hair, the teacher grabbed his hair, asked him how it felt, the kid in question was humiliated as this happened in front of the other kids, and was then told to go and apologise.  Now, this happened to a 'precious' little grade one kid, but, the teacher had been watching the antics for a while... Read the rest of this article...

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