Boredom in Paradise...

As it has been School Holidays and Em has been working with us a lot, we thought it would be interesting to have a teenagers perspective on the Coast. No real criteria was given for an editorial, basically, your call girls, if you could do an editorial what would it be about? Caitlin is our daughter, who has also been working for us and basically had the same mission handed to her. The above is what we got from them both. Without talking to each other about it, and being totally different types of kids, one is more science and sociable, the other is more music and quieter, we got a pretty similar scenario from them...

Emily: It's hard for young people to have fun. Friday night comes along and myself and all
my friends want to go out to have a good time, just all being together and celebrating our youth. But not on the Sunshine Coast. I'm 17 living in the beautiful tourist destination of Noosa!... Read this article in full...

Caitlin: Noosa is an amazing place to live in, but not so amazing to grow up in. There is nothing to do! And going to the beach every single day in the holidays gets a bit tiresome. Unlike my other friends and peers, my friends and I don't like to "party" or go out ALL the time which is good for us being in Noosa, and at least had a positive effect on my studies. For someone like me it feels like all I can do is study... Read the rest of this article...

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Queensland Academy of Vocal Art
A group of passionate, dynamic and qualified studio and schools-based music and drama teachers with a wealth of professional industry experience. We offer Singing, Piano, Guitar and Drama lessons -- individually and in small groups... read more

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Mooloolaba Esplanade Management Rights
An opportunity exists here to secure the management rights in a tightly held, blue chip location on Mooloolabas Esplanade. Good potential to grow the business + long Agreements and excellent presentation throughout makes for an... Check it out Now.

Holiday Letting: Unit 1, Hilltop Villas, 20 Henderson Street, Sunshine Beach
Permanent Rental: Beane - Boreen Point Comfortable 2b house in the village

Casual Registered Nurse
Katie Rose Cottage is a 6 bedroom Hospice facility at Doonan. The Cottage cares for terminally ill adults and children in a beautiful homely environment. We are seeking a casual registered nurse with palliative care experience to join our dedicated... Read More

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Charity Lunch with John "Knuckles" Connolly
13th Oct 2011, Cooroy Hotel
A rugby union coach and the former head coach of the Wallabies. Connolly
has in the past worked with the Queensland Reds, Stade... Read More

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Festival promises to be one to remember
Caloundra Music Festival goers will be treated to a serious dancing weekend
when Nicky Bomba graces the stage with his three different musical... Read More

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YAY! Leone is Back!
Poor Leone has been off on holidays, came back for a bit then off again to Victoria due to a death in the family. We apologise for response delays in recents weeks, as you can imagine been a tad short-staffed. BUT, the Boss is back now, raring to go, email or give her a bell if you need advice on the advertising you have with us. Nice to have you back Leone!

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