Nostalgic School Holidays...

Bear with me, being self-indulgent in this seasonal issue of Coast News as these School Holidays are a little bitter sweet for me. My daughter is coming home from Uni next week to celebrate her 18th Birthday with us. For starters besides the obvious disbelief about having a child who will soon officially be an adult, it is also a reminder that is over a decade old now, so we have been creating and working on this site for a bloody long time and a lot has happened...

This site did not start from any grand plans of
Sunshine Coast online domination LOL! (in fact back in 2002/03 most of us were on dial up, those were the slow days with funky connection sounds and a busy signal on the phone line). A lot of people may not know that MSC was conceived because of picking up Caitlin after the first day back at school from Holidays in Grade One and finding out that were actually heaps of things to do in the holidays (many that were free & cheap) that I did not know about. I was pretty dirty as we had been used to looking on the internet for information and I never found anything, and I was looking hard, and it was a cold wet holidays.

So like any feral mum who happens to have a programmer for a husband, I hit him up for a website so that other mums didn 't miss out on that crucial info, like I did. Remembering this was back in the day when we had 3 different councils here, who all operated differently, and getting together the info I wanted, the kids holiday events, free library stuff, netball courts etc., was not exactly an easy job, but I finally got there. I was pretty happy with myself, except for... Read more...

Kids Holiday Fun Didjeridu Workshop Giveaway Get in quick for this one. 2 Double Passes to be drawn on Monday 24
Sep, so get your name in...Enter Here

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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift
4 x Holiday Sessions @ Nambour Civic - All tickets are $8.50 and every child
receives a free gift... Read More

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PS: Movies, theatre, music and magic holiday fun for the whole family - heaps of cool entertainment organised by Council, don't let the kids get bored. Libraries also have some great stuff, so have a look & don't ignore them!

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