If you on the Border, better double check

Short community service announcement this issue...  The Noosa de-amalgamation vote is coming up soon, which I know has upset a lot of people on the Sunshine Coast, so before I go any further, please revisit "Noosa, A 'Grimm' Separation", as regardless what happens on the 9th of March 2013, we all still have to live and interact here on the Sunshine Coast :)

Anyhow, when I first wrote that article I thought that I was doing it from the 'fair' point of view as I was not going to be in the Noosa electorate, but in the Sunshine Coast one, living in Doonan.  Now like many people on the Coast, we have moved since Amalgamation, therefore, when you looked on the Map, we definitely looked to be outside the boundary.  After speaking to someone recently who used to live close to where I am now, they seemed positive that they were Noosa Council when they lived here, so I thought I better check.  Yep, after an email to the ECQ I found out that we were in fact in the old Noosa Boundary.  As our details are updated on the Electoral Roll, imagine how dirty I would have been getting a fine for not voting? Read more...

Australia Day is coming up next week, so if you have something special on, make sure you send it through to us, the weather should be good so many will be looking for something to do as a fun event to celebrate the end of the summer holidays before all the kids are back in school and the serious work of the year begins!

Strange Attractor double pass giveaways Get in quick for this one as the 3 double passes will be drawn TODAY at 3pm for this one!
"Strange Attractor" on January 24th at The Noosa Arts Theatre is a truly unique Australia play...Enter Here

Australia Day Awards
25 Jan 2013, Lake Kawana Community Centre - Celebrate the achievement and contribution of
individuals and organisations... Read More

More Sunshine Coast Events:
PS: We're prepared - are you? - So far while the rest of the country has been on fire or flooding we have been lucky, can't last though, so please prepare!

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