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21 July 2005 - Edition #35

Seafood Cruise Mooloolaba Last Chance!

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The Editors Desk!
What get's you thinking...
Ever had one of those days where you have the "odd thought" then it seems everytime you turn around, someone is mentioning it, referring to it, it is raised on TV etc. Sort of makes you feel like your brain or office is bugged LOL! I had this the other day...

Quietly working, listening to the radio with "highschool hits", then the announcer states, "hard to believe that was 25 years ago", I am like... What! I was in highschool 25 years ago, I am NOT that old? Umm, guess I am... Then the daughter is watching something on TV, turns to me (I am sure we have all had this happen), "mum, was he really big when you were a kid?"... Hello, l am 37, I think the famous jazz musician she was referring to, may have been dead before I was even born. We then had a client come visit the next morning, surprised that the retirement village he was inspecting, could have accommodated him at the ripe old age (again, NOT) of 55...

This all got me thinking about AGE! How old are people really? Should you dress or behave a particular way just because of your birthdate? Worse, do many people act in a certain manner because they 'think' they should, because it is more befitting for their age. I don't know about you, but that old saying my grandma used to trot out at the odd wedding, "fancy her, mutton dressed up as lamb" terrifies me, I would hate to think I am cruising through the supermarket & someone is whispering that about me? But? should I care? Should my dad get a pension travel card, just because he is eligible, and do maybe the "trappings" of age make you feel older, when really, if your body & mind are good, why should you be "made" to feel old?

My Challenge to everyone this issue is to forget about your age, don't let it hinder you, or be a major factor in your decisions, but to Appreciate how "Experienced" you are and how your life is better for it!

Best Regards, Noely, Community Site Co-ordinator

Sunshine Coast Special
Special Wedding Package Deal

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Community Noticeboard
Weekly Fair Trading Update
You may not be aware that the Office of Fair Trading actually puts out an update every week advising of current scams, schemes to be aware of, products that may be faulty etc. Read on the Noticeboard, or go to the site to get your own copy each week & stay informed... read more >>

Latest Event News
Beautiful Music!
With Ian Cameron Smith and Yen Wynddancer. Come and hear what inspires these two extraordinary performers to write their exceptional music that’s captivating and exciting audiences everywhere - an absolute must for any music lover!... read more >>

Business in Focus
Mobydisc - Professional Djs
Where you can select every song beforehand! Try getting these benefits from any other mobile music operator! Little wonder Mobydisc is the popular choice for Weddings, Parties, Anything! Don't plan your celebration without making sure Mobydisc comes to the party!
....

Theatre in Focus
"Indee at Eumundi"
Many articles & features are written about Eumundi as a tourist destination, what is continually missed is that Eumundi has a thriving live theatre, established 11 years ago, which draws its audiences from right across the Coast, "Comedy & Consume" is the latest... read more >>

Sunshine Coast "Auctions in Focus"

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Sales Secretary/ Administration Manager
Full Time Mooloolaba Dynamic, motivated, proactive and enjoy making things ‘your own'? Experienced in a busy real estate office and love diversity in your job? Be an important cog in this sales wheel!.
"Sales Secretary/ Administration Manager"
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