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22 December 2005 - Edition #43

A Christmas Wish for you!

The presents for the kids, uhoh forgot a few...
The big shops are open, better go join the queue :(
Found a park, got the list, shoulders back, into battle we advance
Sourced them all, kids will be happy, end of the shopper dance.

The Christmas Lights are charming, lighting up the sky,
Children wander with parents, and look up and sigh.
The Exec at Energex is sweating and wiping his brow,
The storms won't come, the lights will stay on somehow.

The big day's Feast.. Restaurant, BBQ, ham or Turkey?
Rellies arriving, house to clean, who else do we have to see...
Carpets to hoover, excited kids to calm down,
Frantic mums greeting plan changes with a frown.

It doesn't have to be a stress, the work will wait,
Kids will love the presents, who cares if lunch is late?
The house may not be tidy, but the pool looks a treat
Smile, have a chat, have a nibble and please, put up your Feet!

We wish you all a wonderful, relaxing & thoroughly enjoyable Christmas!
Stephen, Noely, Pat, Gerry, Cam, Caitlin & Mark
the Crew at www.mysunshinecoast.com.au

Christmas & New Years Events!

Don't forget there are heaps of Christmas & New Years Happenings onsite, so take some time out!

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