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15 March 2007 - Edition #69

'Vicky O'Keefe' Giveaway
Courtesy of the very generous people at Velvet Waters Rock 'n' Roll Restaurant we have 2 tickets to see the King's daughter, Vicky O'Keefe, on the 30th of May. This should be a great show, so as usual you must be a 'Coast News' member to enter, send in an email to the hat with 'Vicky O'keefe' in the subject line Best of Luck!

Style vs. Pizazz!

As many of you know, we have been working on a massive upgrade onsite. Most of this is in the database, Stephen & Cam have been working really hard on & off (in between other work) to give us a really cool database that will enable us to do more 'stuff'... That is fine, it is techy and the guys are good at that, now comes the hard part, putting Stage 1 in place with a STYLE. No-one can agree on how the site can stay basically the same but be updated to incorporate the new features, and more importantly, how it should 'look'...

Obviously it has been a bit like having a formal 'do' coming up for me, one part of me is excited, but the other is really stressed about things that could go wrong with the transfer, and like the good female I am, window shopping to find that right 'look' LOL! I seem to be picking apart all the elements on every website I see, working out what I like, what I don't like, getting ideas and basically confusing myself.

We know the poor old site looks tired now, a lot has changed since 2003, both in design and what the site does, and it is sort of like a house that has had too many additions made to it, and is now unwieldy and awkward looking, does the job, but really needs some work. So, what do you do? Do you knock it down and start from scratch with a brand new modern look? Or, do you renovate, knock down a few walls, update and modernise what you have?

Now would be a good time to send in suggestions LOL!

The guys obviously love the techy bouncing balls, fading in this & that, you know, all the tricky design things that clients are loathe to pay for the time spent on, but as I have heard (many times) "Are really cool!" Pat doesn't care as long as it is easy to read, Mark isn't looking forward to a new admin so doesn't really care past that. Me personally, the flashy stuff is just distracting, I hate being on a site and having to get that hover just right to be able to even catch a link to click on it, chasing links all over a page drives me insane. Same with the big flash intro's... You see it once and are impressed, until it takes too long and then you are striving to find the 'skip into' button, and don't you hate it when you can't? Buttons & graphics that shudder or shake when you click on them (or even near them) drive me insane too, I start wondering if I had too much coffee & am seeing things!

I prefer the simple, easy to use sort of site, you can see pretty easily what you want, the buttons don't try to escape from you, one eye doesn't keep wandering over to a flashing picture while you are trying to read, you know, boring, though I prefer to call it stylish LOL! Sort of the Kathryn Hepburn style of site, sounds way better then 'plain'.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts, but, I don't have to look at the front of the site all the time, most of you on this newsletter would most likely look more then me, I am stuck in the dungeon of the database most days, so what sort of 'style' would you like to see? Send us your thoughts, as it is your site too :)

Best Wishes, Noely, Community Site Co-ordinator

Sunshine Coast Special
Guilt free beauty treatments
Spoil yourself with an exceptional value treatment from our beauty therapy trainees incl. a mini facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing & tinting, all for $50... read more >>

Community Noticeboard
Become involved with CarbonSMART
Landcare Australia is urging landholders in the Verrierdale area to find out how they can potentially get involved with CarbonSMART. Hundreds of Australian... read more >>

Latest Event News
Pink or Pyjamas - A book launch with a difference
It’s a Pyjama party with a difference, when author Kristin Williamson will launch local writer Cindy Wider’s ‘Paint in your pyjamas! : every woman’s guide to finding... read more >>

Business in Focus
Hospitality Personnel
Hospitality Personnel is Recruitment, Training and Consultancy business. We specialise in casual, temporary and permanent hospitality staffing needs. This also includes training of permanent staff and consulting and training of hospitality businesses on the Sunshine Coast... read more >>

Sport in Focus
Sunshine Coast Polo
Friendly club practices and lessons running every weekend from April to September, make learning to play simple. New players of any age and gender are encouraged to come along with their riding boots and helmets, and everything else will be taken care of!... read more >>

Real Estate "Villas in Focus"
The Perfect Downsize Choice
3 Bdrms, 2 Bath, House sized villa set in a gated complex with on-site management, resort style 25 m pool with lagoon entry, and BBQ facilities is the perfect solution to those still wanting the pleasures of... Check it out NOW!
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Boystown Lifestyle Lottery 365
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'Woohoo! 2 quarters in a row now

Latest Job Added
Service Advisor - Automotive
Full time Nambour - A local auto workshop with modern equipment is seeking a Service Advisor to join their well-established team...
"Service Advisor - Automotive"
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