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30 March 2007 - Edition #70

'One Act Play Festival' Giveaway
Love the One Act Play Festival, the only time my husband will accompany me to the Theatre! Noosa Arts Theatre have given us 2 tickets to give away to one lucky 'Coast News' member, if you would like the chance to get a taste of live theatre, as usual get your name in the hat by sending an email to 'thehat' with '2007 Plays' in the subject line, Best of Luck!

Big Fat Bogus Lies!

It seems you can make any claim you like nowadays and get away with it, there will always be some 'expert' to back you up, or language designed to bamboozle with bull*hit :( I work on a computer with the Internet so I am a 'Web Expert', just ask me! Nah, I am just Nagging Noely who is chained to a desk and yes I use the net and am very familiar but could not read any 'code' if my life depended on it. But according to the standards nowadays I reckon I could be considered an expert and back up some ludicrous claims by a company who is net based LOL! All week I have seen claims on TV, on the radio, in the paper, on the net, you name it, and I really wonder how we 'common' people are supposed to sort it all out...

Perfect example, the big Ribena scandal, I admit, I used to give my daughter those little packs for pre-school, conned by the advertising that they were better. I am assured by others that if I studied the 'pack contents' I would have realised they weren't. Hello? How many of you can actually read and understand food labeling? I don't know about you, but just navigating the shops can be hard enough sometimes, most of us try to get the 'gist' of what is in the food we are buying then basically we are just taking a punt. Sadly most times we are being mislead. We try to give our kids (and ourselves) healthy food but without being a Dietician it is hard. The the new 'Healthy Choices' at MacDonalds, again, as an adult we can pretty much know what the deal is at a Fast Food chain, regardless of 'Heart Foundation ticks'... Seriously, with all that marketing aimed at kids, is your 3 year old really going to throw a tantrum demanding a 'Healthy choice' meal?

Misleading Information, False or Twisted Claims all drive me insane. Many get conned because you don't have knowledge in that particular area, and last I looked we were not all experts on everything. The net, I do know about, and one site on the Coast at the moment is claiming to be bigger then Ben Hur, 'the largest business directory in South East Qld'. They even use the dodgy term of 'hits' as a selling tool, which the Audit Bureau of Circulations does not acknowledge as a measurement of visitors or popularity of a website... Aside from that, Blind Freddy could work out that the likes of Our Brisbane would be bigger considering the population of our beloved BrisVegas, not to mention Brisbane City Council investment, you do the maths? But they get away with the claims & attract advertisers with it. 'Buyer Beware' can sometimes really bite when you don't have enough knowledge :(

Now Politicians... mate, they really take the cake on misinformation, I personally find it really sad that we all accept that, and it is considered acceptable to believe 'All Politicians Lie', I have known a few that don't, unfortunately they never got anywhere telling the truth. Wouldn't it be lovely if all advertising had to be the 'truth' only the 'truth' and backed up by readily available facts that the average Joe Blow could understand & comprehend? Better yet, wouldn't it be wonderful to actually have the security of knowing that they just were telling the total truth, not twisted partials, or omitting serious facts? Let's all ask more questions, make 'everyone' in the public eye more accountable, you never know, we might make a difference?

Best Wishes, 'Naive' Noely, Community Site Co-ordinator

Sunshine Coast Special
Noosa Leisuretime Houseboats
Get in quick! All bookings of 3+ nights or more, on our luxury Cruisecat will receive 25% off the rate card as published on our web site, ends 10 April.... read more >>

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The Events Centre
For more than 25 years Caloundra Cultural Centre has been bringing high quality events and entertainment to Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast.... read more >>

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Business in Focus
Cudgerie Homestead B&B
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Tweens in Focus
Lack of child care for over 12's
The Single Parent Bible and Work Savvy Parents would like to present a petition to Federal Parliament regarding the lack of child care available for children over 12 years old. All parents (not just solo parents) should be concerned about this serious situation!... read more >>

Real Estate "Rural Lifestyle in Focus"
Noosa Hinterland Farm for sale...
136 Acres, Own Water Supply! Something special between Pomona & Boreen Point, quaint House built from original farm house Materials, 3 Dams & a bore, originally a Dairy Farm, 20 mins from Noosa... Check it out NOW!
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