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30 March 2007 - Edition #70

'Sit Down Comedy Club' Giveaway
One lucky 'Coast News' member will have their name drawn out of the hat to win 2 tickets to see the very funny 'Velvet Waters Sit Down Comedy Club', (show only), this inaugural event will be at the Award winning, Velvet Waters Rock 'n' Roll Restaurant on the 10th of May. Click 'here' to find out how to get your name into the hat...!

Wow! More Guilt!

Talk about Big Brother... The latest Government initiative in regard to 'smacking kids' really pushed me over the edge. I know I am going to annoy a few people this issue, but I have to get this off my chest. Let's see, as per a previous issue, if I am not a dietician and can't understand every food label after studying it, then I am mistreating my child and subjecting her to a future which includes obesity. On the other hand, if I watch my child's weight and harp on about fatty foods she may turn out to have an eating disorder in the future? Another one I love, if I go out to work, as most mums have to nowadays just to pay a mortgage, then I am neglecting my child. If I stay at home with my child, then I am a drain on the economics of society?

As an aside, I really feel for the mums who will now be 'forced' by the government to work once their kids start school. Cities 'might' be fine with before & after school care, but I have no idea how a single mum here on the coast with a young school age child is going to find an employer that will allow her to work only during school hours? I tried to when my daughter went to school and it was impossible. I guess we will just turn around and blame them for youth violence, disconnected kids, etc. in the future as they neglected their 'latchkey' kids? Another No-Win situation :(

It is not just mum's either! Many dads out there are single parents, and even with 2 couple families, just dealing with life can be hard, most of us want the best for our kids, work hard to achieve that and try to give them opportunities in life, though again, be careful, if you work hard to earn money you will be accused of wanting that plasma television, or fancy home, rather than spending time with your child?

My daughter can't even remember being smacked by us, we were not big on that, and a scary situation I saw years before I had a child where the mother was angry and hit her child, then the massive and emotional guilt trip that occurred after the fact (even though the kids had totally forgotten it by then), was really disturbing. Therefore no way in the world was I ever going to hit a child without warning or in anger, and I admit a few times when she was a toddler, I had to put myself in time-out and walk away... Though she did get the odd smack on the bum, and mostly the tap on the fingers as a littlie, you know when the hair is pulled, or pegs in the video seems a good idea at the time (shame that little flap can catch them, hurt, and ruin all the fun)... Obviously these new advisors are smarter than me, but all of my 'calm reasoning' with her in relation to tempting fate in hurting herself fell on deaf ears, but the tap on the fingers did the trick?

As a mum, I am sick to death of being made to feel guilty about decisions made. Being a parent has to be the worst job ever! You can't train for it, you can't study up on it, there is no reference book to guide you, and worst yet, every piece of advice you get is conflicting so you can never get it right. Then we toss politically correct society attitudes and Government meddling into the mix and we are really stuffed! My thought to all of you this week who are responsible for kids, is, give yourselves a break, no-one else will...

Best Wishes, 'Naive' Noely, Community Site Co-ordinator

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