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03 August 2007 - Edition #76

Free Tickets to a Show to Die For
Yep, a 'A Party to Murder', everyone loves a Murder Mystery, and Noosa Arts Theatre have given us two tickets to give away to 1 lucky 'Coast News' member. To get your name into the draw just email 'the hat' with ''A Party to Murder'' in the Subject Line, Best of Luck!

Congratulations to Neil of Caloundra who was the lucky recipient of the 2 opening night tickets to the theatre s production of Come Back for Light Refreshments After the Service.

One person still have a chance for family tickets 'CATS', click on the 'Coast News' page for details, don't miss out on this classic!

Neat & Tidy...

Well the Local Government Reform Commission has finished their assignment of colouring in a new map for Queensland, packed up the crayons & handed the paper over to the Premier, who is now looking like the biggest bully in the playground. The map does look a lot neater & tidier, the commission did a lovely job, nice graphics, good use of colour, not too many big paragraphs, simple & concise, they have gone to top of the class, unfortunately lots of other kids in the class don't like what the Principal is now implementing.

Sometimes you need to do a big tidy up. You spring clean the house, do a big job on the car, sort out the drawers in the desk, and maybe the state did need to have a tidy up with Local boundaries. But, when we do a clean up, there are still inconsistencies, the broken piece of pottery the kid made 5 years ago stays on the kitchen bench (should have been tossed), the sentimental jumper you wore to the Hong Kong sevens (that is so thin it is about to float away), gets put back in the closet, you know how it goes, rarely do you ruthlessly do a full cleanout to make the joint look Neat & Tidy. Yet, it seems our Government thinks it can squash human nature and do exactly that.

I am sure there are a number of shires that should be amalgamated for a variety of reasons. I am also sure that quite a few of them will actually prosper under their changes, and in those cases the people in those shires are actually happy with the umpires decision. As everyone is aware a lot are not though. Noosa is not the only shire spitting the dummy, others are as well. There are a myriad of reasons for these shires to be spitting chips, though they all have one thing in common, regardless of whether their objections are valid or not, they have the 'majority' of the population all on the same page.

Last time I looked we lived in a Democracy. This means that our elected representatives are there to fulfil the wishes and protect the interests of their electorate. As different areas have different concerns this makes Democracy a pretty messy business, but terribly important.

Lets hope the State Government remembers what 'Democracy' is and why they were voted in, and more importantly, lets hope that the shires who have valid reasons for not being amalgamated are listened to. We don't have to have a perfect map, quirky is good, I am crossing my fingers, that these shires can be the daggy old finger paintings that clash with the styled lounges, but still survive the big tidy up :)

Best Wishes, Noely, Community Site Co-ordinator

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