Another worldwide ransomware attack is in progress - let us help protect you!



Good morning everyone,

Are you safe?  

Yet another worldwide ransomware attack is currently underway (read about it here).

The crypto virus encrypts all your data making it literally IMPOSSIBLE to recover without the decryption key, which the criminals make you pay for. Standard backups to devices that stay connected to your PC or network will also be made inaccessible.

All clients on our VIP Maintenance or Managed IT plans are SAFE from this version of the ransomware.

Email me to join our VIP Maintenance program for $20 per pc per month, or discuss a comprehensive Managed IT plan.

VIP Maintenance includes:

Patch Management - Critical Windows Updates and updates for third party software installed to schedule.  

Weekly backup checking - we monitor that your backup is working as expected and notify you of any issues

Weekly Anti-virus status check - we make sure it's running and scanning to schedule

Yearly system cleanup - we log on remotely and run a number of cleanup tools to keep the computer running as well as it can as well as checking you have the latest security program updates.

Instant remote access.

Automated System Health alerts - our management agent displays your system health in real time in our management console alerting us to any critical issues requiring attention.  We can also customise alerts so we are notified if particular things happen on your PC, such as a database going down, or a PC, server or any network device going offline.

Examples of standard issues we are notified about include:
- Disk space
- Excessive failed login attempts
- Windows service failures
- Physical hard disk health

You also join our VIP notification list which gives you direct warnings of current virus threats and scams, important software updates and tools that may aid or protect your business.


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