DRAWN: Back to School Giveaway


DRAWN: Back to School Giveaway

Congratulations to Teresa of Aroona who has scored for herself a copy of the 'Eat Your Garden' Organic Gardening for Home & Schools

If you would like to just buy the book, they are currently 30% off. Head to Edible School Gardens to get yours today.

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Why grow your own food?

Why not just buy it from the supermarket?

  • Cheaper to grow our own food e.g. lettuce can be picked daily in the garden and we would only be harvesting the leaves you need each day, but at the supermarket we would have to buy the whole lettuce.
  • We know exactly what has happened to our food - how it is grown and what has been used on it to make it grow.
  • Freshest and healthiest way to eat food. As soon as food is picked it starts to deteriorate and that means less and less nutrients as time goes on.
  • We don't have to drive anywhere to get it; it's having our own living pantry in the backyard with zero food miles.
  • We can save seed for future planting. Food security for the future.
  • Seed hasn't been treated with chemicals.
  • Stronger seed will contain more nutrients.
  • Share extra seeds and plants with friends, family, neighbours and community or sell.
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PO Box 1662, Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore
'Eat Your Garden' Organic Gardening for Home & Schools


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