Worldwide Crypto Virus Threat Ongoing



Are you safe?  Friday saw the launch of a worldwide crypto virus attack that has taken down systems across the world, including the UK hospital IT system.  The crypto virus encrypts all your data making it literally IMPOSSIBLE to recover without the decryption key, which the criminals make you pay for (upwards of $1000).

All clients on our VIP Maintenance or Managed IT plans are SAFE.

This particular strain of the virus gets onto your computer in the first place via clicking on a fake email.  It then scans for a Windows vulnerability on the PC and all other PCs on the same network and infects them.

This vulnerability was fixed by Microsoft in an update in March.  If your computer is running Windows 7, 8 or 10 and you regularly apply automatic updates you are safe.

However, if you don't run updates, or you run Windows XP or Vista, you are vulnerable.

We can help you get safe!  

You need to:

  • Update Windows or replace your PC if you run XP or Vista
  • Ensure you run Windows updates regularly
  • Implement a backup strategy that protects you from crypto viruses (a single USB drive plugged into your PC all the time is NOT protection, it will get encrypted also)
  • Implement email filtering service to scan emails before they hit your PC
  • Use a decent anti-virus on the PC
  • Educate yourself and staff about what emails to never click or or open attachments in
  • Sign up for our VIP Maintenance (from $20 a month) or Managed IT service and we take care of all of the above for you

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