Who are the My Sunshine Coast Crew

MySunshineCoast are a family owned & operated business based here on the Sunshine Coast since 2002! We all live between Maroochydore and Noosa.

MySunshineCoast are a very modern business with old fashioned business ethics who believe in giving back to the community, and NEVER taking advantage of the average persons IT ignorance.

We run a very efficient, tight ship and at the moment our staffing levels are as follows:


Manager, Technical Programmer and sometimes Sales. Stephen is the ultimate tech who confuses us all, but is a genius and great coder. Stephen built the software we use to run this massive site (and it is a bloody big programme), and actually specialises in Real Estate software and Website Software Development.  We don't understand a lot of what he says, though we do appreciate the outcomes, we love using what he builds. Stephen can often be found conveniently not pressing "skip" whenever Madonna or Katy Perry starts playing in the office.


Manager of the Community and Non Profit areas. Noely is the ultimate 'moral police officer' in the office. Owner in partnership with Pat.  More commonly referred to as the 'Charity Chick', if she had her way no-one would ever be charged anything to advertise onsite, though of course with the massive cost of running a site this size, luckily Leone wins out on that one or we would not exist now a decade on.  She is passionate about the community here on the Sunshine Coast, so always happy to help promote local organisations & events, for free of course! Noely can often be found sipping wine and reading her daughters Young Adult fiction books a vast and diverse array of quality literature.


One of the family, (daughter/grand daughter) who is the second line of defense for phone duty in the office and primary event attendee. Caitlin also designed our logo way back in 2002 and has a bit of the geek gene from her father. Caitlin now specialises in Web Authoring and Front End Developement (some pretty copy and paste essentially) and works mostly under Stephen being the next generation coder in the family. When not working for Stephen, Caitlin is the coordinator for social media. The youngest member of the family can often be found distracting everybody in the office and is the master of looking like shes working, but is really procrastinating on tumblr/reddit/instagram/youtube


Pat is Noely's mum, the other owner, who handles the joy of the Accounts Department. Pat proves the old adage that you are never too old to learn and is a whiz on the Internet (and smart phone though she'd argue otherwise to both), she also lends her services and skills to the Sunshine Coast Community Hospice. Pat frequently shakes her head in exasperation at the rest of us LOL!

Honorable Mentions to Mark, Kylie & Gerry.

Mark helps do the 'prep' work in the mountains of email that we get for which Noely & Leone are very grateful. He gives of his time every week when he is on the coast freely, and it is greatly appreciated.

Kylie has the eagle eye over text, particularly with the new look and upgrade we're very appreciative of the different perspective Kylie gives us. She also sends through lovely sunrise photos from her office in Maroochydore that look great on our social media pages! 

Gerry, Pats husband & Noely's father was one of the driving forces behind this site, he turned it from a dinky little 'mums' site with school holiday stuff and sporting organisations, to the monster you see today. He has since passed away and it is one of our biggest regrets that he did not live to see this upgrade and many of the other enhancements that we always talked about implementing. He was proof positive that it didn't matter how old you were and your lack of knowledge, computers and the internet were not that scary to the beginner, though he did always call an email address and 'email number' to his dying day! Great bloke who is seriously missed both as a family member, and for his invaluable input into this company.

Many other community members help and support us here with My Sunshine Coast, way too many to mention, though all truly appreciated!

Honorable Mentions to the office dogs.

The dogs in the office are a constant source of amusement. A work day wouldn't be complete with out Jackson obnoxiously barking while somebody is on the phone (or just to scare the living daylights out of Noely) and Pepper interrupting your typing flow because she felt your elbow needed a good (and aggressively sudden) licking. 

Contact the Crew

We are always happy to hear from people on the Sunshine Coast, and all contributions are welcome!

Other Ways to contact us:

General Enquiry: info@mysunshinecoast.com.au



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