Laser Cutting for Industry

$1.958 Million + SAV

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$1.958 Million + SAV


Laser Cutting for Industry

Highly Successful with excellent modern plant and equipment and ongoing work already in the system.

What is Laser Cutting - a laser is a focused beam of light, concentrating a lot of energy on a very small area. When this happens, material in front of a laser will burn, melt, or vaporize, making a hole. Add some CNC to that, and you get a machine that can cut or engrave very intricate parts made of wood, plastic, rubber, metal, foam, or other materials.

Beautiful very efficient factory specifically set up to ensure a smooth flow of jobs.

Includes State-of-the art machinery to provide customers with a quality and cost effective solution to their needs.

Customers are mainly longterm manufacturers that require components supplied to their specifications on a regular basis - so that they can continue to manufacture their products.

Customers provide a digital cutting file which is loaded into the machinery, Button A is pushed and bingo out comes multiple shapes which the customer will use to assemble their products.

Holds strong, long-standing relationships with clients, several of which span many years.

This business is defying the current economic climate and is Extremely busy with new work coming in at a yearly increase.

Very stable operation. Running like clockwork.

Orders in - buttons pressed - job cut - loaded on pallet - truck arrives - delivered to customer - money arrives in the bank.

Modern factory facility with a long lease and reasonable rent.

Now ready to Grow further under the guidance of a new owner.

This business will not disappoint and is definitely worth your closer inspection if you have the capability to purchase a business in this price range.

Don't miss the rare opportunity to purchase this exceptional business opportunity

Bonafide enquires accepted only by appointment

There is still enormous room for future Growth and expansion into subsidiary markets.

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Price: $1.958 Million + SAV 
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15th September 2020

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